Everlasting Camp Memories

How do you and your child hold on to camp memories? I have recently been reading numerous blogs, tweets, and articles from camp experts, and current and former campers nationwide.

The one constant I have noticed with all of them are their “keepsake boxes”.  The most common collected treasure from a camping season seems to be letters written home and letters received.

How many of you still have letters from when you were a pioneer? And…How many of you that have them have ever looked back to see what you wrote home.  My guess is, you were singing a totally different tune back then than you are today.  You had the stationary with multiple choice boxes to check off, pre-written address return envelopes and lots of stickers.  Now, for many of you the letters home have a whole lot more depth to them.  For instance, “Hi Mom and Dad, I had to write today in order to get in the mess hall and eat. Love ya, Bye”.  Now as a parent, I am sure you would like a lot more, but as a camp professional we love that means your son is so engrossed at camp that he can’t find the time to write.

Point being, camp is such a phenomenal experience in the present, but equally rewarding in the future.  Don’t let those memories slip away.  Hold on to them.  If it is not a letter maybe it is an art project, a t shirt from a camping trip that floated half way down a river, or article of clothing from Casino Night.  Whatever it is, keep it.  You will be thankful in the future.

I was recently at a Bar Mitzvah where a parent read a few previous letters home from his son and they were absolutely priceless!

I still have a pink hat with Rhinestones on it from the first summer, Quenotah, (yeah, I know, what am I doing with a pink hat with rhinestones in general for?) However, every time I go in to my closet and see it, I think of camp. What a great way to put a smile on my face everyday!

We hope all of you continue to hold on to these memories.  You never know, you might just need them one day when you least expect it!

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