Relive the Summer of 2012 on Facebook

Instead of reciting articles about how wonderful of an experience camp truly is, instead of writing to all of you about my upcoming wedding, and instead of talking about all the new things we have planned for 2013, we’ve decided to dedicate this blog to the summer of 2012. We have started posting pictures once a week from the summer of 2012.


Quite simple… We had an incredible summer!

That does not mean we won’t keep you up to date with the latest in camping news around the country, or even give you some insight in to the year 2013 at a later date, but for now, let us take a walk down memory lane…
No, I am not talking about my upcoming wedding and bride to be, I am talking about the summer of 2012 still!
Start from the very beginning, WEEK 1. Just last week we posted 10 pictures from the first week of camp. This week multiple photos from week 2 and the incredible trips our boys go on.

Please join us on facebook to relive this past summer.  Not only will there be photos uploaded weekly, but videos to come shortly as well.

We hope you take a ride in this time machine with us and enjoy as much as we will. HANG ON!!!