Camp Leadership

Hail to the Forest! Hail to the Streams! Hail, Hail Camp Horseshoe! Camp of my Dreams.

Experienced, Passionate Leadership

Fran & Jordan Shiner

Owners & Directors

When Fran and Jordan Shiner revived Camp Horseshoe in 2003, they dreamed of a place where boys could come for incredible activities and adventures, and leave with exceptional skills and best friends for a lifetime. With their more than 50 years of combined summer camping experience, Fran and Jordan used their vast knowledge to rekindle the torches of Horseshoe and create a dynamic boys camp. They have awakened the indomitable spirit of “The Shoe” for a new generation of boys by blending Horseshoe’s 90-year-old camping traditions with innovative activities, state-of-the art facilities and boundless energy. Bringing this legacy to each Horseshoe camper is their passion, their purpose, and their pledge.

As parents of three children who grew up going to camp, Fran and Jordan understand how to give each boy the guidance and support needed to ensure a phenomenal summer. As lifelong campers and career camp directors, they have a strong belief in the power of the camp experience. Jordan was a camper at the original Horseshoe, and has dreamed of running a camp since he was 16 years old. Fran was a camper for 7 years and has also worked in summer camps since the age of 17. Having met at camp, they now pour their shared vision and passion for camping into Horseshoe.

Fran and Jordan’s love for Horseshoe and its campers shines through in their hands-on approach, commitment to each boy, and dedication to all facets of the Horseshoe program. Every element of a Horseshoe summer is thoughtfully planned and implemented to make certain campers enjoy the very best instruction, activities, and experiences available anywhere. During the off-season, Jordan teaches high school history and coaches numerous sports, while Fran oversees Horseshoe year-round. Fran and Jordan are active members of the American Camping Association and leaders in the summer camping community.

The Incomparable Horseshoe Team

Teaching, leading, caring—our incredible Horseshoe team is made up of dedicated, highly-trained staff members committed to making a positive impact in the lives of each boy. Horseshoe staff members are strong role models who provide high quality instruction, instill self-confidence, and encourage campers to embrace challenges. The Horseshoe team is proactive in making sure campers develop friendships and support each other. All Horseshoe staff members actively participate in an intensive nine-day staff training. We have extremely high staff return rates, and many of our top leadership are camping professionals who come back to Horseshoe summer after summer.

Alex “Berms” Berman

Associate Director, Bison Chieftain

Originally from Glencoe, IL, Alex embarked on his journey with Camp Horseshoe in 2011 as a 20-year-old college student and cabin counselor, and instantly fell in love with the camp’s vibrant spirit. Over the years, he had the privilege of working with Pioneers through Rangers, climbing the ranks to become a full-time assistant director in 2014.

While serving as the program director, he created daily schedules for campers and staff while ensuring that The Shoe remains a haven of fun and safety. In the winter months, his focus extended to overseeing staffing, scheduling, and maintaining an active online presence through social media. Alex traveled the world, attending staffing fairs in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. As a certified Camp Safety Director and an active member of the American Camp Association, he continuously seeks inspiration from the ACA tri-state camp conference, Midwest Association of Independent Camp meetings, and various workshops. Camp is not just a job for Alex; it’s a passion. Alex thrives on gathering new ideas and continually strives to make each camp experience memorable.

Jacob “Ferbs” Ferber

Assistant Director, Head Counselor, Head of Tripping, League Commissioner, Joyful Sun

Jacob has been involved with Camp Horseshoe since we “rekindled the torches” back in 2004. Starting as a Pioneer, Jacob fell in love with The Shoe. He was a camper for 8 summers and the rest as part of the Horseshoe staff. Jacob was a cabin counselor for 9 years, working with a wide range of campers. As a staff-man Ferbs has been involved with almost every area of camp. From planning evening programs and special events, heading up leagues, to overseeing Horseshoe’s wilderness trips, Jacob knows the ins and outs of everything Camp. Currently, Jacob works at camp full time making sure the grounds and fields are in perfect condition for the upcoming summer and helping oversee any off-season projects.

Jacob, from Deerfield, IL is also a certified Red Cross lifeguard instructor where he trains our staff to be lifeguards. Jacob is also a certified Camp Safety Director and is an active member of the American Camp Association.

Nate Scheck

Assistant Director, Head Counselor, Head of the Junior Side, Head of Rookie Weekend, Division Head

From day one, camp ignited Nate’s passion for working with kids and developed an eagerness to bring the “Horseshoe Spirit” with him wherever he goes. From Deerfield, IL.  Nate can be found all over camp with a contagious energy. As a Division Head, Nate devotes his efforts helping junior side campers adjust to camp life and guiding them to what the “Horseshoe Spirit” (our values) are all about. 

Nate also enjoys attending ACA camping conventions and helping reach out to Horseshoe families from different areas around the country. Nate is a certified Elementary School Teacher. He also runs a premier youth sports program for girls in the north shore of Chicago, called Shine on Sports for Girls. The high-level programming is directly attributed to the values of Camp Horseshoe, especially “making it the big time!”

Nate cannot wait to bring his enthusiasm, positivity, and goofiness back to Horseshoe this summer.

Aidan Wise

Assistant Director, Program Director

Aidan arrived at The Shoe as a Woodsman in 2010 and quickly grew to love everything about The Shoe. Aidan spent 7 years as a camper, before spending the next 4 years as a counselor at Horseshoe, working with a wide range of kids, from Woodsman all the way to the senior side of camp. He also spent many years in a leadership role as a division head and chief of his age group.

Aidan is the program director and creates the daily schedules for campers and staff while ensuring that camp remains a fun and safe environment for all. In the offseason, Aidan oversees staffing, programming, scheduling, social media and of course, answering any questions you might have about camp! Aidan attends the ACA tri-state camp conference and numerous other workshops to help gather new ideas. Camp is Aidan’s biggest passion; he is constantly thinking of things to add and ways to improve The Shoe!

Aidan is from Northbrook, IL and graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder with a degree in Communication, Business and Sports Media.