Horseshoe Families

Welcome Horseshoe Campers and Parents!

Here’s your home for camp news, highlights videos, photos, and awesome “Shoe” gear that will help you “keep up” your Horseshoe spirit and “shout out” your Horseshoe pride all year long! You can also access all the forms and info you’ll need to get “pumped up” for another incredible summer at “The Shoe!”

Pump, pump, pump it up—
pump that HORSESHOE spirit up!

Keep, keep, keep it up—
keep that HORSESHOE spirit up!

Shout, shout, shout it out—
shout that HORSESHOE spirit out!

2020 Camp Season

Full Session:
June 22nd - August 13th
$9500 (eCheck) $9800 (credit card)
First Session:
June 22nd - July 17th
$5800 (eCheck) $6000 (credit card)
Second Session:
July 19th - August 13th
$5800 (eCheck) $6000 (credit card)

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