Staff Testimonials

What Our Staff Have To Say…

  • The ability to network and maintain relationships is one of many skills that I developed as a staff member at Camp Horseshoe. This skill has helped me secure job offers out of college, maintain valued relationships that I’ve created throughout my life, and ultimately upgrade my personality. My experience as a staff member was one that I would try to recommend to anyone, especially someone who would value the opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds of campers, while also growing on a personal level.
  • Working at Camp Horseshoe has provided me with an invaluable foundation of skills and attributes that I will use throughout my professional career. First, Horseshoe allowed me to work in leadership positions and situations at an early stage at camp. This helped me grow as an individual and built confidence in my ability as a leader. Second, working at Horseshoe developed my ability to think on my feet and solve complex problems. Whether it be on a river canoeing trip with young campers or while refereeing a league game, I was able to mold experiences of others in a positive manner without second thoughts. Working with kids and other staff alike allowed me to communicate in a more effective manner and helped significantly mature me as a professional. Overall, Horseshoe provided me a setting which fostered growth and wisdom. I look back on my time at Horseshoe with absolute fondness and truly wish everyone could experience the maturation and confidence-building that I received while on staff. Hail to the Forest.
  • Working at Camp Horseshoe for three years was one of the most fun, educational, and rewarding experiences I have ever had. My experience working at the shoe is the bedrock of my professional career. It has taught me responsibility, leadership, and the importance of bringing grit and energy to the professional world. Working at camp has made me the man I am today.
  • Working at camp horseshoe was the greatest work experience I’ve had so far. On top of learning how to gain the trust of parents and camp administration to be responsible for children, I learned how to organize events, lead trips and keep 8-12 people happy and comfortable at all times. Interpersonal skills, teaching skills, working with different personality types, outdoors skills and true self reflection and improvement are all things one develops while working at Horseshoe and can be adapted to everyday life.
  • Camp is and always has been my home away from home. The place where I can go each summer and forget about anything that has happened in the last year. Camp has given me invaluable experiences during my 7 years on staff for my career as an educator. I often think back to camping trips and how they have improved my ability to problem solve and be creative. Not everything works perfectly but these opportunities helped my campers and me improve our resiliency, which can easily be brought back into my everyday life. Camp has helped me in my career as an educator in being more compassionate, seeing other’s perspectives and having the ability to shift my plans and think on my feet. All of these skills come into play each and every day and I wouldn’t have them without my time at Horseshoe. Overall, there is no better job that I could have to prepare me for the real world than my 7 years on staff at Camp.
  • Working at Camp Horseshoe allowed me to grow as a leader with transferable skills in my career. As a counselor, we are given a group of campers as well as activities to manage. This forced me to display my leadership and further build upon skills such as empathy, compassion, and management. As a staffer, you are able to build relationships that last a lifetime. Many of my co counselors and I remain close to this day and we check in to see how life and work are progressing.
  • Working at Camp Horseshoe set me on the right course and gave me the tools to be successful. I learned compassion, creativity, responsibility, patience, leadership, problem solving, and the importance of camaraderie. Horseshoe simply put, gave me the confidence to take on the “real world”. Working at Camp Horseshoe exposed me to some fundamental leadership skills and best practices to which I have applied in my professional career. Years later, I still find myself shaping my team’s culture around themes that were instilled in me as a staff member. Concepts that are taught at camp like “honoring labor”, “making the big time where you are”, “emotional bank accounts” are transferable to success in any organization. My time at camp has been invaluable to shaping my philosophy as a business leader and helped give me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone in pursuing my goals.
  • Working at Camp Horseshoe was an incredibly positive experience. It taught me about responsibility and accountability at a young age. Looking after the health, safety and general well being for children is no small task and forces you to look at experiences through a more mature lens. Additionally, small tasks like mess hall announcements or giving a sermon at a service provided enormous confidence and exposure to public speaking. When I think about the things that have made me successful in my professional career I can honestly say that many of the skills I use daily were honed in during my time at Horseshoe.
  • Working at Horseshoe as a counselor was the single best professional decision I’ve ever made. It was transformative for my career, and my life. Aside from the incredible network I built of professional contacts who have continued, even years later, to support me, I learned critical management and team-building skills that I still use many years later. If you have aspirations of managing, or even joining a team in any organization, Horseshoe will give you an unfair advantage. I learned that “enthusiasm is contagious,” and sets the tone for the entire team’s productivity. I learned to push my campers out of their comfort zone because that is where real growth happens. And I learned to honor labor, each and every day. In my subsequent jobs as an English teacher in Argentina, a law firm partner, and now as CEO of a global company where I manage a team across four continents, I still employ these primary principles as a foundation for success.
  • There are so many lessons I took away from my time at Horseshoe and they’re still applicable in my day to day experiences at work. There is a unique responsibility that comes with taking care of kids and living in a community like a summer camp. It’s an opportunity to be a leader at a young age, to model behavior not only to the kids but also your peers. There is a long list of attributes that are instilled in someone on staff at Horseshoe. There’s the premium placed on hard work and effort, the notion that to “start a job is to finish it.” That ethos comes in many forms… from the simplest activity of making your bed to planning a camp wide event. Invaluable lessons and skills are learned throughout this experience. Public speaking on a daily basis in front of nearly 300 people readied me to confidently handle any meeting or presentation. Coaching and getting the best out of people readied me to lead a company. I learned the value of connecting with others not always like you and how to form meaningful, lasting relationships. Lastly I would say, I saw an organization run on enthusiasm and passion at the highest level and it remains a guidepost for how I want to conduct my business, and life, to this day.

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