Basketball Camp

Players in Grades 4-8 • One Session Only

August 12th – 16th, 2021

Great food, clean Northwoods air, and a tremendous atmosphere for living certainly play a role in the success of our camp. But the real key to the success at Horseshoe Basketball Camp is the program. An excellent blend of competition, instruction and fun, like no other camp we know. You’ll get your share of strenuous competition with the other athletes like yourself. And you’ll also get plenty of invaluable, one-on-one instruction in technique and skills. You’ll leave the camp with confidence. Our goal is to help you become the best basketball player you’re capable of being and nothing less. You provide the effort, we’ll provide the training. Our player – coach ratio is 7 to 1 which will provide you with a great deal of individual attention.

Northwoods Living A Unique Experience

The ideal setting for a week of basketball instruction and competition. Nestled in the lake and forest country of Northern Wisconsin, Horseshoe Basketball Camp affords the proper atmosphere for every camper to get the absolute maximum out of his week long experience.

The Facilities Are Excellent

Horseshoe, rich in tradition since the 1930s, boasts one of the finest facilities in the country. All of our facilities from the courts to the cabins and bathrooms are new, clean, and up to date.

Off The Court Activities

Swimming, water-skiing, tubing, trampball, volleyball, tennis, fishing, archery and riflery are some of the leisure time activities to be enjoyed at Camp Horseshoe.

Daily Schedule Is Performance Planned

A typical day at camp will start with breakfast, followed by specific instruction and competition. The same procedure follows the post lunch and rest period. There will be two regulation full court games for every camper each day. There will also be ample time for off-court leisure activities.


Typical Day

Rise and shine
Morning stations – instruction
Conference games and free time
Conference games and free time
Lunch and rest period
Afternoon stations – coaches talk
Individual and team competitions
Conference games and free time
Conference games and free time
Evening programs
Return to cabins and lights out

A Winning Team of Coaches and Counselors

  • John Camardella
    Prospect High School
    Director of Horseshoe Basketball Camp
  • Glenn Olson
    Niles North High School
    Asst. Director of Horseshoe Basketball Camp
  • Pat Ambrose
    Stevenson High School
  • Terry Coughlin
    Lake Zurich High School
  • Ken Davis
    Leyden High School
    Lake Forest College
  • Paul Harris
    Highland Park High School
  • David Hess
    Elgin High School
  • Derek Lemmens
    Rhinelander High School
  • Brian Lukens
    Deerfield High School
  • Dan McKendrick
    Deerfield High School
  • Dan Paxson
    Niles North High School
  • Billy Pitcher
    Lake Zurich High School
    Lake Park High School
  • Don Rowley
    Hersey High School
    I.B.C.A. Hall of Fame
  • Austin Scott
    Hersey High School
  • Tom Sloan
    Lyons Township High School
  • Michael White
    Joliet Central High School
    Hersey High School
  • Bob Widlowski
    Fremd High School