New Year’s Resolution

Every year, thousands of people go in to the new year with one giant resolution. These resolutions range from watching what you eat (I personally have given up Diet Coke) to making sure you call your loved ones once a week just to say hi.

In many ways camp is very similar. Kids get on the bus to start a camping season with various different goals as well. Unfortunately, for you parents, writing letters twice a week is usually not one of them!

For some campers getting up on two skis and skiing around the lake is their main goal, for others, creating one or two new friends is the ultimate “New Year’s Resolution”.  There is no one “Resolution” that trumps the rest.

As a staff member I can firmly say that our number 1 goal is to create an incredible life changing experience for each and every one of your boys in a healthy, safe, and fun environment.

Along with giving up Diet Coke, which has not been easy, my second new years resolution is to continue to go out and find the best most well rounded staff we can for the summer of 2012.  I will be travelling to various college campuses in the near future, and Fran and Jordan will personally be attending fairs in London to add to our phenomenal returning staff members.  We anticipate the highest return of staff we have ever had!

There will be loads of familiar faces, ie; Lougee, Danica, Gordo, Bob D, D’Aghion, Joey Smith, Z Kalter, Z Warren, Blake, Spitzy, and Webby just to name a few along with our entire kitchen staff!

We wish all of you the best in this new year and with all of your own resolutions!

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