Skills Learned at Camp Horseshoe

11754788_10152930308801697_720891471928086861_oEach winter at Camp Horseshoe we spend time thinking about the ways we are having an impact on our campers and how we can help each camper become successful in both college and beyond! This winter we are thinking through critical skills learned at camp and how we are helping our campers develop these each summer. According to the American Camp Association “21st Century Skills are defined as the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be competitive in the modern day workforce.”

Here are just some of the skills that our campers learn at Camp Horseshoe:

  1. Communication and Collaboration- Our campers have so many opportunities to work on communication each and every day at Camp Horseshoe. Our campers live together in bunks, share cleaning responsibilities within their living quarters and must work together every day to live as a community. They also collaborate with each other in their daily activities and in our lively evening programs.
  2.  Leadership and Responsibility- There are leadership opportunities across every age group at Camp Horseshoe. Our traditions, like Shoe Madness and Blue/Green, give campers the chance to lead teams and take on additional responsibilities. Many of our campers become staff members at Camp Horseshoe, another opportunity to flex your leadership muscles at camp.
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving- Camp Horseshoe campers are always problem solving at camp! Whether strategizing for a sports game, working on a plan for a big outdoor adventure trip or maneuvering a sailboat with a friend, critical thinking is used at every step of the way. Problems that arise are quickly solved with the help of your caring counselors!

These are just a few of the skills our campers learn, but there are many others too, such as social skills, flexibility and accountability! We are already looking forward to helping our new and returning Camp Horseshoe campers improve their skills this summer at camp.

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