Camp is…just around the corner!

Welcome to the Camp Horseshoe Blog

Welcome to the Camp Horseshoe Blog!  We know this new, “cutting edge” technology will add to our ability to stay connected to you and your family during the school year and the summer.  We are excited about this new way of communicating with our campers and camp parents. Even though the winter’s snow and cold are still with us, in the Horseshoe office, camp seems to be right around the corner. In camping, you can never stay put or it seems we are falling behind. We strive to make every summer as great as your first with fresh programs, incredible staff and of course an abundance of the Horseshoe Spirit!

There are so many things that make The Shoe the special place it is. All in an hour you can meet a guy from somewhere around the country (or world!) and start a lifetime friendship, or high five Kevin as he heads to Big H court to start a hoops game. You can reconnect with a friend from LA you met last year, shoot a round of archery together, or play a game of trampball with new friends from New Mexico, Aspen, Atlanta, Florida, Baltimore, Michigan, St. Louis, New York or even London.  You can walk down to bait casting and hear the sound of “PLUNKER,” as only Bill can say, or join 3 other guys on a quick tubing run with Chris, all in one afternoon open area between leagues and dinner!! These are all things you can do at The Shoe, each and every day.

For our camp parents, the most important thing we hope this blog will reinforce is that at Horseshoe, we believe in partnering with our parents, working together not only to ensure a great summer for each and every camper, but to help bring the camp experience home and help campers keep their Horseshoe values close all year round. We keep busy all off-season working on facility improvements, new programming and activities, staff hiring and training and a lot more, all to make the summer of 2011 the best one yet.  Whether it’s a campers first summer with us or their tenth, the summer of 2011 will be the absolute best ever! And we can’t wait!

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