Camp Horseshoe Recognized by the American Camping Association

We are pleased to announce that Camp Horseshoe has once again earned ACA-Accredited Camp status!

The ACA-Accreditation signifies our commitment to the ideals of excellent camping the ACA has exemplified for nearly a century.  ACA standards are recognized by courts of law and government regulators as the standards of the camp industry. The ACA accreditation program is continually evaluated and updated to reflect current best practice in camps. ACA collaborates with experts from many fields such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to be sure required practices are current and sound.

At least once every three years, an outside team of trained professionals observes our camp in session to verify compliance with applicable standards. The ACA has developed up to 300 standards that cover the various aspects of camp operations focusing on educating and equipping camps to provide:

  • Healthy, developmentally-appropriate activities and learning experiences
  • Discovery through experiential education
  • Caring, competent role models
  • Service to the community and the environment
  • Opportunities for leadership and personal growth

While the ACA’s benchmarks are the national standards of care for camps, they aren’t required. We voluntarily invite the ACA to visit us and review our facilities, programming, management, and staff.

ACA accreditation is the best evidence parents have of a camp’s commitment to a safe and nurturing environment for their children. This voluntary accreditation assures parents that camp practices have been measured against national standards and go a step beyond a state’s basic licensing requirements.

We are very proud of our accomplishments as a camp, and we hope you can see the benefits of our hard work to become ACA-accredited. If you have any questions about our status or the accreditation process, please let us know. We’re happy to share the value of accreditation with you.

For more parent-focused information about accreditation, visit ACA’s

On the Cake There’ll be Candles Horseshoe Green and Blue

Happy Birthday to the following Horseshoe campers this month!

Daniel Adler
Adam Bernstein
Sam Bernstein
Ben Bizar
Reese Bressler
Danny Bronska
Owen Burg
Austin Clamage
Neil Coleman
Sam Coleman
Jackson Doughty
Spencer Dowell
Drew Felman
Max Goshen
Ryan Greenbury
Parker Hara
Tyler Horberg
Cory Johnson
Austin Levine
Jack Lewin
Jacob Littman
Hunter Macek
Charlie Malkin
Lucas Marks
Scott Merdinger
Jeremy Noskin
Sammy Pierce
Jonathon Raupp
Ryan Roggeman
Ben Sacks
Brice Saul
Grant Schmarak
Ben Serck
Simon Shindler
Brad Thompson
Zack Tickman
Paul Udoni
Alex Wade
Robbie Weiland
Josh Widman
Evan Zisook

Horseshoe Halloween

Every year people all over the US spend countless hours, days, even weeks trying to decide on that perfect Halloween Costume.

For the best inspiration and ideas look no further than a mid July evening in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at Camp Horseshoe’s Casino Night!

I know that is where I go.  Share your favorite Casino Night Costumes on Facebook and help me prepare for Halloween this year.Hail to the Forest!

Camp is…just around the corner!

Welcome to the Camp Horseshoe Blog

Welcome to the Camp Horseshoe Blog!  We know this new, “cutting edge” technology will add to our ability to stay connected to you and your family during the school year and the summer.  We are excited about this new way of communicating with our campers and camp parents. Even though the winter’s snow and cold are still with us, in the Horseshoe office, camp seems to be right around the corner. In camping, you can never stay put or it seems we are falling behind. We strive to make every summer as great as your first with fresh programs, incredible staff and of course an abundance of the Horseshoe Spirit!
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