The Heart of Camp Horseshoe Summer Overnight Camp for Boys

Can you hear it? Hear it! Feel it? Feel it! Spirit? Spirit! The Horseshoe spirit!

It's the camper in the mess hall, on his feet, clapping, cheering, singing and laughing with his cabin mates. It's the boy on a tube, zipping around Lake Snowden, a wall of white water trailing his wake. It's the player on Doc H Field, charging with his teammates toward the end zone. It's the young men in the canoe, navigating together as they paddle through the roaring Boundary Water rapids. It's the spirit of Camp Horseshoe—the spirit of adventure, brotherhood, passion and accomplishment—the spirit that fuels a summer like no other!

The Heart of Horseshoe

Camp Horseshoe is everything a boy could ever want out of summer AND so much more! Our dynamic program offers premier athletics, awesome outdoor adventure, exceptional water sports and extraordinary tripping programs. Add that to our never ending line-up of innovative activities, creative evening programs, and unique special events, and you've got a summer camp experience beyond imagination! And it's all run at an unsurpassed level of excellence by Owner/Directors Jordan and Fran Shiner and the incomparable Horseshoe staff. But these incredible activities are only the beginning. Our campers call the Horseshoe experience "amazing" "indescribable" and "the best place on earth." We call it "The Heart of Horseshoe," our philosophy of creating maximum fun and endless variety while promoting positive values and growth through meaningful accomplishment.

Campers may come to Horseshoe for our spirited sports leagues or towering climbing wall, but what they leave with are experiences and memories that eclipse any peak or play. Scaling "Mt Shoe" they gain self-confidence. Striving toward the Na Ta Ne and Golden Horseshoe Honor Tribes they build perseverance. Bonding with teammates throughout Blue/Green and Shoe Madness they develop lifelong friendships. At "The Shoe" every day is a new adventure, a fresh opportunity to seize challenges, have endless fun, and bring out the best in each boy.

The Northwoods Camp For Boys in Rhinelander, Wisconsin