Summer 2021

To Our Amazing Horseshoe Families, 

We are counting down the days until we’re back at The Shoe! Camp is going to be ready for the most needed summer ever, and we are so excited to be reunited with our campers at Horseshoe.

There is nothing more important than the trust you have placed in us, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. While we know you will continue to have questions and concerns as we get closer to camp, things are changing rapidly, and we are committed to making sure we are as up to date as possible in our policies and procedures. The health and safety of the Horseshoe Family has always been and will always be the number one priority for us.

We are confident going forward in our ability to run a safe and successful camp. We continue to work towards that goal, spending this time planning to provide a safe, incredible experience for our campers and staff at Horseshoe. While changing circumstances may cause us to modify our plans, we promise to keep you up to date as things unfold. Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we plan for our return to camp.

Hail to the Forest!
Fran and Jordan

Summer 2021 Health & Safety Updates

Will camp create a 'bubble' this summer?

While we are at camp, we always feel like we are in a “bubble”! This summer, we really are! In order to minimize the risk of the virus entering our community, we are creating a quarantine “bubble” to reduce traffic in and out of camp to only essential needs. To ensure we keep the camp “bubble” intact, personal visitors will not be permitted this summer. We will not be running any camp tours with prospective camp families. This year’s staff time off will be organized and coordinated by Camp to avoid interaction with anyone from the public. We are looking into chaperoned off-campus options where our staff can be together while maintaining our “bubble”.

What about Visiting Weekend, Father/Son Weekend and Rookie Weekend?

Visiting Weekend 2021 will be virtual. We will not be having in person Visiting Weekend this summer. We are working on fun ways for you to interact with your full session camper, while keeping everyone safe.

Father/Son and Rookie Weekend 2021 are cancelled. If you are enrolled, we will transfer your payment to your son(s) camp balance.

Will my son(s) have to quarantine before he comes to camp?

All campers and staff must self-quarantine for 10 days prior to the start of their travel to camp (and requested for the entire family whenever possible). During quarantine, campers and staff should restrict contact to members of the household only. There should be no physical contact with anyone outside of the household unless absolutely necessary. This includes no day camps, team sports, travel teams, after school activities, end of school gatherings, events, pool parties, good-bye dinners, garage get-togethers, etc. (This COULD change to 7 days)

All camp parents and staff must fill out a Quarantine Certification & Contract Tracing form in the two days prior to camp. This will document anyone the camper has been in contact with during the 10 day self-quarantine, ensure that nobody in the household has had any known exposures, and to certify that the camper and staff complied with quarantine.

What about testing?

Approximately 3-5 days prior to departing for camp, all campers and staff must complete a PCR COVID-19 test. Campers and staff must provide proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test from this timeframe in order to travel to camp. We will provide more information on pre-arrival testing as the summer approaches.

Once camp begins, all campers and staff will receive at least two rounds of COVID-19 tests. We will also have a rapid antigen COVID-19 testing analyzer at camp.

As testing is ever evolving, we will continue to seek information and best practices from medical experts in the field, Pediatrust, the CDC, the WI DHS and the American Camp Association.

What if my son tests positive?

If your son(s) tests positive before camp, they would likely need to quarantine at home for 10-14 days. They would need to show proof of a negative PCR test and be cleared by his pediatrician and the camp doctor before arrival at camp.

If your son(s) tests positive during the camp session, they will be quarantined and, when possible, we will ask him to be picked up from camp within 48 hours. Although we are confident we could care for your son, we believe it’s best for your son not to be at camp for the duration of his quarantine.

Who will be part of the Health Center Team?

In addition to our three RN’s, we will be adding CNA’s to assist. We also are very excited to announce our partnership with PediaTrust, a highly respected group of Chicago area pediatricians to provide telemedicine. Our Health Center team will be able to access pediatrician visits for our campers who need care while at camp. The pediatricians will be able to assess the boys, advise care, and even write prescriptions where necessary. More detailed information to follow in the coming weeks.

How will my son(s) get to camp?

We are modifying our regular transportation options for campers to arrive at camp. For our out-of-town families, please hold off on making flight arrangements which cannot be changed. We will be providing additional information in the coming weeks.

We will NOT be able to accommodate any late arrivals to camp. All campers and staff must arrive at camp on the first day of their enrolled session.

COVID-19 Guiding Principles